Flame cutting

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Flame cutting is a thermal cutting process used to burn rather than melt carbon steel.

Prins Staal has seven flame cutting machines. Each of the tables is 48 metres long and has a working range of 7 meters in width. Prins Staalhandel cut material up to 600 mm thick on these tables.

A flammable gas like acetylene, propane, MAPP gas or natural gas is used in flame cutting. As soon as the material has reached its combustion temperature, the jet of oxygen causes a powerful exothermic reaction. The slag created is subsequently blown through the cut by the jet of oxygen.

Flame cutting makes it possible to make narrow openings with sharp, square edges at both sides of the cut. The material may be 1 to 600 mm thick. If possible, several torch heads are used simultaneously to achieve the greatest possible efficiency, also for you.

Unfortunately, this relatively economical cutting process cannot be used for all materials. The combustion temperature must be lower than the melting temperature, for example. The material must also conduct as little heat as possible to prevent the edges of the cut from being deformed by the heat.
We can also simultaneously cut strips in several lines in various thicknesses.

Standards regarding tolerances are described in ISO 9013.

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