zetbank prins staalhandelBending or folding is a technique that we use to permanently bend steel without a heat source. We can process a sheet to create smooth curves or angles of varying degrees. We use different combinations of machines and dies to achieve the required result.

Three press brakes make it possible for us to achieve a very extensive range of shapes. The first is 8 metres long and exerts 700 tons of pressure, making it the most powerful of the machine tools. The second is 6 metres long and exerts 400 tons of pressure, while the third is 4 metres long and exerts 300 tons of pressure.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about the bending possibilities for your applications.

Bending is an art in itself. Because steel has a high level of elasticity and therefore has a natural tendency to its original shape, it is necessary to find the ideal bend degree to achieve the desired result. In addition, minor differences in the equipment and variations in material thickness can have a major impact on the bend angle. One of the advantages of bending is that it is a sustainable form of metal processing.

Standards regarding tolerances are described in DIN 6935.

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